My Lifelong Bucket List + Things I’ve Checked Off It

A long time ago, we’ll say in about 2007, I decided to compile a list of things I thought would make my life complete. My all out no-holds-barred bucket list. I knew it would have to be fluid, because as life went on, I’d add more to it, and grow in new ways. Here in no specific order, are some of the things from that list. Are you ready?


  • All of the European countries and set foot on every continent. – So far Italy and France. I need to get some more travels under my belt!
  • WW2 Memorials
  • Jerusalem, Gethsemane, follow the Jesus paths.
  • Memorize Claude Debussy’s Claire de Lune on the piano
  • Learn to play the guitar
  • Marry someone awesome – CHECK!
  • Have a couple awesome kids25238_334726532100_5741819_n
  • Go on a vacation with my mom, just us two. – CHECK! San Francisco for my college graduation gift. (The above picture is from that trip.)
  • Avoid fast food and soda as often as possible. – double check… when your body is gone haywire due to stress, you learn to eat healthy or live in a ball on the floor. 
  • Learn to cook great meals – CHECK… I should post recipes but I hate photographing my food when I’m cooking!
  • Take a self-defense class
  • Have a great garden – CHECK see here.
  • Learn to read people and not rely on verbal as much.
  • Learn to accept change.
  • Be open to new weird foods.
  • Go rock climbing – CHECK
  • Buy a bike and ride it frequently – CHECK see here.
  • Learn spanish and/or another language – working on Italian right now with my 10 minutes a day book.
  • Quit being materialistic and learn to appreciate simplicity – my previous post as well as various clean out days lately are great steps toward this.
  • Volunteer for an organization – I volunteered for a couple different organizations. One helped needy kids study while their parents were at work. The other provided a fun block of time each week with women and their children living at an inpatient drug rehab facility. 
  • Stop caring what people think of me. – When you hit 30, you kind of just do this. It’s incredible.
  • Grow a pear tree and eat the fruit.

What’s on your bucket list?



One Comment on “My Lifelong Bucket List + Things I’ve Checked Off It

  1. I tried to write a bucket list a while ago and it just stressed me out. And being 30 didn’t help me let go of other’s opinions. Being more self-aware is helping, though! :)

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