Friday Good Stuff

So, I won’t lie. This week I kind of back tracked and watched a lot of TV and moped. For whatever reason, it had to happen, I guess. BUT… now I’m on the cusp of a three day weekend, and it’s supposed to be sunny and 60+ degrees. It’s really rare to have this weather in February in the middle of the Wasatch Mountains, but I think I’ll just be grateful for this crazy warm Winter. I need some vitamin D, and I need some exercise. I plan to get both of those tomorrow. Also, while I’ve been working today, I’ve stumbled onto some stuff that I think everybody would benefit from. We all need some positivity in our lives right?

This link contains some amazing TED talks, and we could all benefit from inspiring people. My favorite so far? The first one about being born to run. Motivation and positive vibes are what I need right now. Give them a listen. I sure will be all day while I’m at work.

HAPPY FRIDAY! Enjoy your weekend! Which of these talks do you connect with?

22 Amazing Fitness, Health, and Happiness TED Talks

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10 Comments on “Friday Good Stuff

  1. We are about to get a crazy cold blast here… totally dreading it! I will have to check out these TED talks if I get snowed or iced in ;)

  2. We’re feeling some beautiful 50 degree weather here in Idaho and it is SO weird but so amazing! We’re going on a motorcycle ride this afternoon to enjoy it!

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