For Fun: A Handwriting Analysis

I’m a sucker for this kind of stuff. I LOVE personality tests, and having people guess my age, hobbies, life direction. I love analyzing people. I was a behavioral science major. It’s my thing. I’ve always found the fact that people can become profilers as a form of employment to be fascinating. I’d love to spend 20 minutes with a profiler and have them guess everything about me. I am getting better at my non-existent poker face, so I think it would be a fun little game.

I’ve always wanted to try handwriting analysis and see if it is as legit of a practice as I hope it is. To me it’s like magic. A person that can look at your handwriting and figure out who you are is just as cool as a person that can guess the card you’re holding when you’re a kid.

I did a little digging and found this on Pinterest and wanted to give it a test. So, let’s see if it’s accurate, shall we?


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Using the above guidelines, let’s see what the experts have to say about me! (This could be bad.) Here’s a picture of some recent writing from my Italian language lesson book:

The Truth About Blondes Blog // For Fun: A Handwriting Analysis

1. Letter size: Mine are large. I’ve never been a tiny writer. According to the info above, I’m egocentric and believe the world revolves around me. (Hmmm… you say that like it’s a bad thing.)

2. Slant: I’m a little straight up or slanted left. So, I keep to myself and don’t reveal my emotions, and/or react more logically while holding back emotions. Uh… has anyone ever met me? I’m the complete opposite of this. This blog is ALL ABOUT FEELINGS. But then again, my husband does say I’m an emotional/logical person. He said it’s weird and doesn’t make sense to his logical man brain that I can think logically with my emotions. I’m an enigma, folks.

3. Spacing: Narrow and wide. So, maybe at times I’m close to people and other times I’m isolated? I’d say that makes sense. I’m an extroverted introvert, or an introverted extrovert. I love people and being around them, but after a while I HAVE to be alone to recharge. Once again, E-N-I-G-M-A. And we wonder why I have generalized anxiety? (Fun fact: I don’t wonder, I know it’s because I’m full of oppositional things.)

4. My Signature Style: You can’t see it in the photo but it’s the big circles one. So I guess I’m very protective of myself and very private? This is just so wrong. I’m a BLOGGER. We are not private people. We share our lives and feelings on a world stage. Whoever wrote this analysis must have been having an off day.

While searching through these on Pinterest I found a few more that had different analysis points. One said that slanting to the left meant you were acting on rebellion in your life. I guess I’ll use that one too. I am rebelling, so much rebellion that my Saturday nights involve Netflix and home cooked food. In what way is that rebellion? Rebellion from cultural norms? Oh wait… I live in America, we love TV and food.

Well, as you can see, this analysis was way off. Or… maybe it was spot on because I’m so good at hiding the real me the analysis couldn’t even do its job properly? Guess we’ll never know.

What does this tell you about you? I’d love to hear it below in the comments. Happy analyzing, friends!


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