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How an iPhone App + A Minimalist Fashion Blog Help Me Find Fashion Zen

I’ve recently discovered two things that have changed the way I think about clothes. The first is a blog called Un-Fancy. She has a minimalist approach to her closet by setting up capsule wardrobes for each season and really mixing and matching the pieces in her closet. This not only allows you more space in […]

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Makeup Moment: My Favorite Winter Lipsticks

I’ve been raiding the lipstick sections lately at Walgreens/Target/Walmart (wherever you can find cheap makeup), to try to find the perfect colors, and I think I’ve succeeded. I used to just be a chapstick girl, but a couple years ago I discovered the perfect colored lip stains. Although, I’ve since discovered my lips are too […]

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Thoughts On Getting Your Scalp Cut Open

Thoughts On Getting Your Scalp Cut Open: An essay on preventing skin cancer

When you discover your skin is morphing into melanoma, you’re ok with getting part of your scalp cut out. This is my story.

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Some recent happenings.

Recently a few things have happened. I visited my hometown, and my parents’ house for Labor Day. I hung out in the backyard reaping the benefits from my mom’s raspberry patches that come in every year without fail. I also picked some of her peaches from her prized peach tree that produces either a massive […]

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Hair-do: The Crown Braid

Well ladies and gentlemen, my summer of unemployment has come to an end. It was necessary to get a job, but I can’t say I didn’t grow to love never having to be anywhere on anyone’s time schedule but my own. I made pretty good use of my leisure time by camping, running, biking, reading, […]

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#ShineStrong: For women who don’t need to be sorry

Why is it that we women always apologize? We ALWAYS say sorry in any of the situations shown in the video and a great deal more that weren’t shown. I am so guilty of this. I will even apologize to Justin for being sick or for being sad. It’s pretty ridiculous. I’m not sure where […]

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#LikeAGirl – Why females should love being female

Watch this. And then read on. I’ve wondered this exact question for most of my life. Sure, I know why it’s insulting to men. They want to be men, not feminine versions of themselves. I get that. Nothing wrong with it. What I don’t get is how women have a problem being like women. When you […]

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Sunday Pin-fest: Shoesies

What girl doesn’t love a killer pair of shoes? I know some of you exist, but let’s be honest, most of us women are gaga for foot coverings. Here is a roundup of some of my favorite shoes that I have pinned to my Fashion: Shoesies Pinterest Board. And since we established that we’re being […]

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