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A Playlist For You: Hanging Out

I don’t know if you’re all like me, but I love having a good soundtrack for whatever I’m doing. This one seems to go well with a good old fashioned hang out session, whether it’s just you and your laptop, you and a good book, or you and some friends, this is a great playlist […]

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Current Truths: 1.02.2015

One of the reasons why I have this blog is to treat it like a little journal of sorts. This post will be the simple little things that bring me regular bits of excitement, be it a new band I just discovered, a new food or restaurant, a quote that got me through the week, […]

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Music Monday: My 2 Favorite Albums of 2014

2014 was a year of much musing and ruminating. I sought out months of happy go lucky tunes to cope with depression, but ultimately my playlists had a down to earth, bohemian vibe that I couldn’t get enough of. I purchased the full albums for both of the below bands, and have played them at least 100 times each. Something about the echo-ey, spirit-type sound just got to me.

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Music Monday: It’s Christmas & I Like You

I love Christmas music, it gets me in the mood for the wonderful time of year that is known as the holiday season. When artists can come up with new Christmas songs that really “get” the way I feel during this time of year I get really excited! Provo, Utah is a little college hub […]

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Current Truths – 10.24.2014

Current Truths – 10.24.2014 // Every Friday I’ll put together a short list of a few things that I think are great, and that you might enjoy, before we all take off into the freedom of the weekend!

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The Truth About Blondes… and how they dance.

The truth is, all tall, skinny, blondes flail-dance. It’s in our genes.

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Music Tuesday – An Autumn Playlist

A handcrafted 11-song Autumn playlist to get you through the day.

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Music Monday: The Great and Powerful Foo Fighters

Guys, have you ever gone through a rough year, and suddenly a band’s music is the only thing that you can listen to and feel whole? Ok, not everyone responds to music like I do, but perhaps I get it from my mom. She was musically inclined and quite successful at it. Last week I […]

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