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#LikeAGirl – Why females should love being female

Watch this. And then read on. I’ve wondered this exact question for most of my life. Sure, I know why it’s insulting to men. They want to be men, not feminine versions of themselves. I get that. Nothing wrong with it. What I don’t get is how women have a problem being like women. When you […]

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Live on purpose.

  A favorite movie is based on this quote. Live each day as if you traveled back in time to that very day to live it again with purpose. This couldn’t be a better motto and plan for life. It is extremely difficult to do but seems to be the most positive secret to life. […]

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Why you may have been doing stress wrong.

Justin and I found this last year, and have both watched it a few times since then. No it’s not a joke, even though it is April Fool’s day. Stress can actually be not as hard to handle if you view it as a good thing. I try to take this message to heart regularly. […]

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Music Monday – The Best Day

This song is a little bit older. It’s a Taylor Swift song, called The Best Day. The reason I’m posting this is because I have always loved this song since the day I heard it. It mirrors my life growing up with my mom, including the part about Taylor Swift’s friends booting her out of […]

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Some soothe

Just push play, close your eyes and listen. That is all.

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Tuesday Tunes: Still Into You by Paramore

It’s about time someone made a happy energetic love song. When I first heard this I was taking one of our many car loads of stuff to our new house. I’m definitely a lyrics person, so I got all mushy and lovey inside when I heard it and thought about how awesome it is that […]

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The drought is over!

So, Utah is in a bit of a drought and several cities are restricting water usage to prevent from drying up the wells. Well, this morning as I watched the below video, I think I cried enough tears to fill them back up. This video has been circulating through the Mormon boards on Pinterest. I […]

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Funny thing about relationships…

So, I’ve heard a billion times that marriage is rough because of the ability to miscommunicate or do or say the wrong thing. Honestly, I thought everyone just needed to try harder (before I got married). Now I realize there are 2 sides to every story. Watch this video, then proceed. Sometimes, I feel sorry […]

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