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5 Steps To Get Through The Worst Part Of Loss

I still remember April 18, 2014 like it was yesterday. I’d been with my parents for almost a week at that point. I refused to go anywhere because I wanted to spend every last minute of my mom’s life with her. I knew I was letting work slip and didn’t care. I would later be asked to step down as manager of my department because while she was dying of cancer, I was no longer able to pull long days and work the insane load that was my old job. I just couldn’t care any less about it. I had a real emergency on my hands. Work could wait. My mom couldn’t.


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Why Hardships Provide Us With Love

“Without your wound where would your power be? It is your very remorse that makes your low voice tremble into the hearts of men. The very angels themselves cannot persuade the wretched and blundering children on earth as can one human being broken on the wheels of living. In love’s service only the wounded soldiers […]

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What I Plan To Let Go Of This Year

2015 brings newness. This post is about what I plan to let go of with this new year, and how I think my mom would want me to go about it if she were still here.

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Merry Christmas 2014!

What Christmas means to me this year.

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Memories: My Mom’s Best Piano Life Hack

We all got great life hacks from someone with more life experience than us. My mom taught me how to make piano music easier to play. This is the story.

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The Goodbye Letter: Another Bucket List Item

The goodbye letter I wrote for my mother, when she passed away. A necessary stepping stone to overcoming grief.

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Hey future, get here soon!

Grief is an interesting beast. I know you’ve definitely heard THAT before if you’ve been visiting my blog over the past year. I know that time and returning to normal life are the only things that will heal a grieving heart, but it still provides frustration nonetheless. There’s that never ending urge to take a […]

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Feeling my mom, discovering Hannah Georgas, and the Little Black Dress Tour.

I recently went to see Sara Bareilles perform at The Great Saltair, here in Utah. (The view out there is incredible!) She stopped here during her Little Black Dress Tour (WOOOO HOOOOO!) and it was a great show, as expected. Justin went with me, and we found ourselves a nice little seat in the back. […]

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